The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting Adventure Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Keep watching the Punch and Judy show on Saxton Shore.
    A Warning to the Curious
    Successfully photograph the Heron in Saxon Fens. Bird Watcher
    Photograph Mr Tibbs at Ulcombe. Cat Snapper
    Provide Cat Watch with the names of 6 Saxton citizens. Cat Watcher
    Fully talk with Nanny Noah on Saxton Shore. Chatter Box
    Photograph the rare Natterjack Toad. Environmentalist
    Watch the films in Saxton Museum in their entirety. Film Buff
    Vanquish the train tracks ghosts on the first attempt. Ghostbuster
    Detect over 20 paranormal events in Harbour Cottage on the Environmeter. Ghosthunter
    Listen to the story on the Harbour Cottage telephone every day or night. Good Listener
    Defeat the Darkness on the first attempt at Northfield. Grave Dweller
    Pick all available plants and flowers in the country lane. Hedge Wych
    Study the documents and photos stolen from Hadden. Holistic Detective
    Find new accommodation in Saxton. Home Sweet Home
    Call out to sea more than once in the Fens. Intrinsic Isolation
    Visit the lobster in The Bear. Lobster Potty
    See all items in the Lucky Dip. Lucky Dipper
    Successfully call up the ghost in the Mirror. Mirror Mirror
    Feed Cairan the pig over 20 times. My Porcine Friend
    Name all the figures seen in Ganwulfs tomb. Name Dropper
    Look in the Harbour Cottage mirror 5 times on Day 1 Narcissist
    Win 1st place in the Saxton Snappers photography competition. Paparazzi
    Capture all possible Ghost Photos in the game. Phantom Photomaster
    Travel on the Ghost Train 5 times. Retro Horror
    Successfully identify the Saxton Skelton. Saxton Sherlock
    Spirit Voices
    Use the Telescope on May Day to see All views from the Little Lighthouse. Spy Glass
    Thoroughly explore the Saxton Museum. Swot
    Complete the Game. To The Future
    Study all of the photographs on the wall in the Nightmare Room. True Detective
    Fix the warning sign near the Fenland Eye. Undying Undercurrents
    Successfully photograph the statue of the three Saxon Kings. We Three Kings

    Contributed by: Guard Master