Its not all that bad...

User Rating: 7 | The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring PC
This game suffered horrifically because it actually had a degree of negative hype, it was obviously cashing in on the release of the lotr movies, without actually paying the actors etc for voices. Its incredibly cartoony when compared with official movie games like battle for middle earth, but it does deliver quite solid gameplay and, unlike bfme 2, it is balanced as it only has two factions. There are a good selection of maps, 3 difficulty settings and units that become progressivly stronger depending on the level of your fortress (Like the age in age of empires), so its basically just a cartoonistic, tolkein related take on what every other strategy game has done before, so its basically only good for fans of middle earth.

Now that bfme has come out, that instead and forget this game ever existed, as it will not be remembered for long.