Don't listen to the critic reviews!!! Play it for yourself and experience how fun and exciting it truly is!!!!

User Rating: 9 | The Lord of the Rings: War in the North X360
There have been many lord of the rings games over the years, some great and some that could have been better. But there has been none quite as good as War In The North! If you call yourself a lord of the rings fan, you need to play this game.

Story- 8.0: The game has a solid story, interesting and exciting characters, and good voice acting. The story doesn't offer many twists, but the overall cause is worth fighting for; after all, the fate of middle earth is in your hand. Basically, while there is the war in the south, you and your companions are defending the northern front from the dark lord's chief lieutenant, Agandaur, who is gathering an army in the north. Agandaur is definitely a powerful and cruel foe to contend with. The story is filled with some dramatic and epic moments that will pump you up.

Gameplay- 9.5: You will die, a lot!!! After the beginning you will be knocked down, waiting to be revived. Unless, you work as a team to defeat the enemies. You will fight horde after horde and you need to work together to survive. Snowblind is known for its co-op games, and they have now mastered their skills. The only downside is that reviving people can be a challenge when surrounded by enemies that knock you down. I say challenge because it's NOT impossible to deal with, it requires careful use of your powers. The ranger, use evasion, the dwarf, use war cry, the elf, use a power that knocks enemies back; also use team work, one person distract, the other revive. Every situation can be dealt with with team work. Also, I don't like the fact you are the level you are forever. You can't start your characters at level one and do it again. You simply keep leveling up. Thats just me though. Don't worry though, there is wide variety of different enemies to dispatch, so don't get to comfortable fighting one kind of enemy.

Music- 9.0: War in the North has some impressive music in its own right. It sets the mood very well. The only negative about it is that it doesn't feel like Lord of the Rings.

Graphics- 9.0: The locations are beautifully designed, giving each environment its own character and feel. The facial animation is the week link, but everything else is done perfectly.

Overall- 9.0: This is honestly one of the best lord of the rings games I have ever played. It is beautiful, fun, and epic. It does not please all tastes, but try it out for yourself before judging it. For it is truly a war in the north.