Great game for loot grabbing and LOTR fans

User Rating: 8.5 | The Lord of the Rings: War in the North X360
I must admit, i'm a LOTR nerd. I was looking foward this game and bought it yesterday along with a friend. I was not disappointed, Action - loot - leveling are all there in a satifying way.

The gameplay is great, combat are easy to understand with a light attack and strong attack as well with ranged attack. You can unlock special moves towards the skill tree independant for all three characters. You can also modify your character skills by grabbing loots toward the campaign and the challenges.

Single player is fine, the AI does a OK job. But where it really shines is the online coop multiplayer, The whole campaign including side quests can be done playing with your friends.

Absolutely worth it if you like that kind of game, don't expect a 40 hours RPG, it is a loot grabber style of gameplay. 12-15 hours long campaign that can be replayed on higher difficulties to get better loots etc...