Nice LOTR game, could be better but still nice to play.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Lord of the Rings: War in the North PC
If you like LOTR you should give it a try.
Takes place in the Northern realms in parallel to the Frodo's quest to Mt. Doom.
Staged as a 3 player Co-Op, you progress RPG style (level, items found). This part could be more imaginative, I feel it lacks a little bit - not very sophisticated character development system, weapon usage is limited. You can give special items to your companions, but there's no way you can get them back.
Battle are fun even if the fighting itself is repetitive, the enemies get a little harder. Even so, this game is relatively easy in the Normal level, and could be finished in 12-14 hours.
Music and sound are lacking. Speech is convincing, but music is repeating itself all of the game. Graphics is smooth - even very good, movies are very sharp graphics-wise. There a clipping problem here and there, where enemies get stuck in walls and can get killed if you shoot at the walls. Since most of the time you need to kill all the enemies to progress, its frustrating sometimes to find an enemy inside a wall.
Story feels a little forced-upon, since anyone who'll play this already read the books and/or seen the movies.
Multi-player - should be the deal here, but unfortunately non-existing. After I looked around the net for a reason, I revealed the game has ports issues, so you need open ports in order to fight doom through the net. Sad this things happen now-days.
Still, I found single player campaign a little short (if you subtract dialog periods playing time is cut by 20%) but fun.
Recommended if you buy it for 5$ with your favorite online shop.