A game that might seem clunky at first, but grows on you as you play.

User Rating: 8 | The Lord of the Rings: War in the North PS3
Lord of the Rings: War in the North takes place before and during the three main movies that were made and everyone knows. You get to see some of the characters through the stories as fan service and part of the plot. While Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring have their task. Your job is to stop the war that is brewing in the north of middle earth.
The three characters you get to play go through hardships to try help the war against the Sauron and his armies. This story takes place challenging Agandaur and going against his armies of orcs and goblins.

The gameplay has an action rpg take to it. Where you have control over what type of action and accuracy you have swinging a sword or firing magic. The accuracy can get a little clunky at times not always hitting the enemy. For the most part it is satisfying to hit the enemy and killing them of with a slow motion finish. Small touches like these make it really satisfying to do the combat.
The ranged combat is also very smooth. It can be really refreshing to switch from close to the ranged combat.

The story is also surprisingly well done. After a slow start, it takes off really quickly. Having a range of different characters to take from gives it a depth. Unfortunately there is some lost potential here and not all the characters are used to the full extent they could have been. Though most of them have a role to play, it's not used full potential. Though it's not what it could have been, it's still a great story

The graphics aren't that impressive. The game isn't an open world and shouldn't really have great resulution. The design of the levels are also very linear, so it shouldn't have had this bad of textures and resulution. Though it does suffer from all this, the levels have distinct style and look despite of its faults.

It's a great action rpg game with great combat and story. Though it doesn't use its whole potential, it is worth playing.

+ Great combat
+ Fluent gameplay
+ Good story

- Bad graphics
- Not using its whole potential