SO CLOSE, to being the exact game fans of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance / Champions of Norrath needed this console Gen.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Lord of the Rings: War in the North PS3
+'s: VISCERAL/fun combat, couch AND online co-op, fits nicely w/ LOtR cannon, decent variety of items (several armor sets w/ stacking bonuses), every character is (or is capable of being) versatile.

-'s: Getting out of very 1st town is too boring probably caused a lot of people to give up prematurely, Unfinished; hidden secret areas just stop happening 2/3 through the game which feels like it should have been another Act longer, Co-op split screen left/right instead of top/bottom; makes it tough to find enemies when surrounded, Co-op needed a 4th player; already had Human Dwarf & Elf needed a Hobbit maybe? Overall, if you try to look past the flaws of this game, you will find a fun action / adventure that is worth the time it takes to get into / out of it.

I hope Snowblind Studios is able to get funding for another game, funding enough to actually finish and polish it up, this time. Of the 8 or so games my Girlfriend will actually ask to play with me they make 5.