Glitchy P.O.S. don't buy.

User Rating: 1 | The Lord of the Rings: War in the North PS3
I ran into the infamous Mirkwood glitch where you cannot progress the story after the fight with the giant spider. This game ran fine until I reached Mirkwood. As soon as I got there, my AI companions and enemies were teleporting around the battle field. I had a hunch based off that, that the Mirkwood glitch was going to happen and sure as the sun sets, it did. I don't want to start over knowing that the glitch could happen again, so I plan on returning the game.

Now, I liked the game. If I didn't run into the glitch I would have given the game a 7/10. But since I did run into the glitch, I hate the game and I feel like I wasted time playing it. It's not the most polished game. Some flaws are 1) The save system really blows. Autosaves rarely works. 2) No manual saving, cannot save whenever 3) Combat is sluggish and your AI friends are dumb. 4) No way to lock on targets in combat. 5) Levels are very linear. There are more, just can't think of them.

Some positives are 1) You can play splitscreen 2) You can play online with friends 3) feels like a lengthy game if you do sidequests 4) It's LOTR. But other than this, the game is sub par. I'm going to return it knowing I won't get much $$ for it.