Underrated game.

User Rating: 9 | The Lord of the Rings: War in the North MAC

This is a game which is totally underrated. I've decided to play because I had nothing to play in my Steam library and I was struck by its quality. A 6.6 game proved to be a 9 game. The story focused on three heroes of the north who must deliver their realms of evil. We've got three races: elf, dwarf and human. Each of them has its own attributes and at the beginning of the game you can choose the character you want to proceed with in this epic story. Each character have upgradable gear and powers as in any decent RPG. Your gear can be fixed at the smith's.

The main flaw of the game is its repeating moves in battles. Here the game fails.

The graphics are absolutely astonishing and the story is interesting.

There are some hard boss battles and you might want during these battles to use different weaponry.

You can revive your companions and they can revive you.