Good Lord of the Rings RPG game.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age PS2
Lord of the Rings:The Third Age is one of those games that you can really have fun with. The character customization is great and each character in the game you can upgrade and add skill points to. This game has a final fantasy like combat were you pick and chose your moves one by one. Also, this game does not follow the story of Lord of the Rings. In this one it is like a side story next to the main Lord of the Rings story and the fact that it is not the same characters as you are use to if you play Lord of the Ring games it takes away from the fun. Even with that the characters are still great even though they are not familiar. The game in all is fun and challenging but it still has problems. A few problems are the fact that you sometimes can not see were you are going, some battles are very hard, and the fact that it does not follow the Lord of the Rings story your use to. Overall Lord of the Rings:The Third Age is a good RPG game with great customization and could of been better if it followed the actual story of the hobbits instead.