Amazing, great and fantabulous. New factions, new techniques, new strategies make this game a must play.

User Rating: 9.4 | The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II PC
I just loved BFME and except for the part about about inflexibility of base construction, thought was the ultimate RTS ever. But, BFME2 just blew me away. EA has really paid attention to user feedback and given us a masterpiece. The new War of the Ring mode really lets u conquer Middle Earth the way you want, not just events from the movies.

The first BFME's AI was bad. Even a mediocre player could easily best it. Now the AI of BFME2 is serious business. Of course this doesn't affect veterans, as the main fun lies in the multiplayer which has really become quite tough now, with all the factions and their unique abilities. If you are an average single-player lover , than trust me, the AI is tough enough ;) . The introduction of a lot of new concepts has made the game very highly addictive. I mean since the time i've bought it, i've been playing it for hours on end.

The graphics in this game are superb and gameplay is very good.The addition of naval battles is very cool. The create-a-hero mode is just plain fun. Though the overall body features don't change much, but there are tons of options for powers, abilities and the like which make mixing and matching fun.

The walls do leave something to be asked. In the previous game soldiers could be deployed on them, but that's not possible here. Still, the addition is applaudable as it gives flexibility to base-building and hence much more to think of.

The graphics are superb, the effort of the EA team really stands out in this game. The sound is great. Combined together, they give you that feel of an epic which BFME got close to achieving but missed.

New factions, new techniques, new strategies make this game a must play.