Absolute awesome feat for a console. A review of the important features.

User Rating: 9.4 | The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II X360
First off....Kudos to Louis Castle and his team for this incredible job on making a RTS work on a console. Beautiful work.

I'll cut to the chase, and describe the important features. This is coming from a 15+ year PC gamer BTW.

CONTROLS::: Awesome. This game just feels "fun" playing with the 360 controller. The sticks do a much better job of navigating around the battlefield opposed to a keyboard and mouse. Rotating the camera, zooming, etc, it feels and plays great. If your a veteran of RTS's, and are adept at FPS's on the 360, you will get the hang of the control scheme very quickly.

FRAMERATE & GRAPHICS::: Beautiful graphics, period. The battlefields look incredible, immersive. The shadows of the buildings, warriors, etc, look a little blocky, but no biggie. I would suggest a High Def set up though...I haven't tried it on a 480i setup (normal T.V.), but I would guess it would not look this good at all, and the text would be blurred.
The only time the framerate took a hit ( and it wasn't unplayable at all...it just slowed down a bit ) was when there were a TON of armies on the screen. The 360 is a marvel at handling this game. Normally there is alot of armies on the screen at a time battling, and there is no framerate issues at all. It's only when there is a TON of them in a big battle. And still, it's very playable. I would honestly say if this was a concern...it is not.

And finally.....it's just fun. The gameplay is a blast. I can't quite put my finger on it, but just playing this RTS with a 360 controller feels fresh, innovative and something new. I hope more RTS's are on the way.

People bashing this game need to disassociate themselves from the PC version and admit this was a great port and a awesome job of making a RTS work on a console. Or maybe it's jaded PC gamers who feel consoles are invading the RTS genre that previous consoles couldn't handle. The fact of the matter is.....this was a incredible job at bringing the RTS genre to the console market.