This was once a great game if you love LOTR.

User Rating: 1 | The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar PC

All versions of the game are now a total mess. Mordor is a terrible rip off.

Im a game programmer with code in over a dozen games AND I have played LOTRO since just after Beta. I've played most major MMOs and plenty you never heard of.

LOTRO is the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL in MMOS. I only log in to say hi to friends.

This game has become a pathetic joke since SSG took over.

They secretly jack up prices on old content, dont fix long standing bugs but instead make them worse, such as the door not opening bug, and break things that have worked fine for a decade, such as all the problems with chat failing.

The management and administration is by far the worst I have seen in ANY online game.

The game is absolutely POLLUTED with BUGS, SCAMS, CRASHES and CHEATERS.

Gangs of multiboxing gold farmers/cheaters roam around lagging everything down and killing off all the quest and deed targets.

EVERY other game on the net handles cheating far better than SSG.

If you speak out about it the people from the worst cheating kinships turn it into a major flame war in chat.

Speak up about cheating and GMs will Shadow Ban you. You cant even use your own kin chat, and it says you have to use the help system but they never respond to the ticket.

GMS regularly just delete tickets you submit without even a response.

These people don't deserve a CENT until they get their act together. Buying Mordor was one of the biggest financial mistakes I ever made.

Operations of this company should be turned over to someone that will do the job properly and knows how to program and administer game servers.