User Rating: 8.5 | The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan PC
Its impressive how much of this expansion Turbine got right, a lot of additions that would have otherwise hindered gameplay were tweaked to do exactly the opposite. With open Open Tapping, turbine has ensure that a community of players renown for being among the most if not, the friendliest, community in the MMORPG world, will now rise to become even friendlier and even more helpful between one another. rnrnthe landscapes are as they have always been majestic, and accurate with the LOTR novels; not only that but immediately you come to care about the rohirim, and grow fond of their way of life.rnrnFew if any MMOs can compare in lore and story to LOTR and in this expansion turbine has ensured that it continues to be so.rnrnAs a solution to the often monotonous kill X collect Y quests, ROR introduces war-bands, in which you are to locate, chase and bring down parties of wandering foes. rnThe bulk of the expansion however center around the war-steed. combat on your war-steed is brutal and fast paced and offers a refreshing change in combat.
The warhorse is different from the normal mount in that whilst the latter handles much like your character does on foot, the warhorse has the feel of a real horse, and it takes a bit of practice to handle turns through the momentum that is gained by creature that weighs several hundred pounds over your own. this means that battles on horseback are handled much more different than on foot, and more so with the addition of added traits to the warhorse wich divide in 3 types, the light the medium and the heavy.
as you would guess the light is basically for those who choose to hit and run, the medium allows for more close up combat, whilst the heavy is basically the tank.
as far as I know any class can choose any of either type which makes the use of strategy more pronounced.
It took many years and for what I heard, a lot of trial and error for turbine to get mounted combat into the game, but I can say without a doubt, it was worth the wait, for certainly mounted combat is a game-changer in LOTRO, and that in the best way possible.
rnrnThough LOTRO could still do more to improve the game, ROR is undoubtedly one of the best expansions of the year.