Are you willing to play one of the best adventure games of all time? Then you have to play this!

User Rating: 10 | The Longest Journey PC
One of the best adventure games of all times. But why? Well if someone wants to declare which adventure game is the best of all times then he needs to rate the story at first cause things like graphic and gameplay has been always changing during the evolution of adventure gaming. Hence we can say that the story is making this game so good!

It's hard to describe how amazingly good is the story. But still lets say some words on this theme.
The main character is an art student April Ryan, living in a student apartment of a industrial metropolis in year cca 2191. It all begins when she started to have very lucid dreams, like she has been there but soon she realize that this aren't dreams but reality. She discovered another parallel world called Arcadia.
Through the story you can explore what's behind the whole society of the Stark (called the world in which April lives), Arcadia and life of April Ryan.

Nothing special, a simple point and click adventure

Very good for the year 2000

Suggested games:
Well at first someone could say the sequel of it called Dreamfall, but I would prefer Broken Sword 1 or Beneath a steel sky to someone who likes good stories and then Dreamfall.