This game changed my life.

User Rating: 10 | The Longest Journey PC
Easily the best adventure game ever made (at least it's my favorite).
Masterful storytelling, well written script (adult themed, and with a few hilarious moments), gripping characters, beautiful visuals and so much more. This game bridges the gap between Video Games and Art and even tackles some philosophical and spiritual material. It is a must-play for anyone who likes adventure games or anyone interested in video-games as art. Lead designer Rangar Tornquist has created a living, breathing, meaningful world. The story in this game is meaningful and emotional, and as a gamer I find it rare when a video game inspires me to create art and to continue my own personal life story.

Anyways, this game, to me, marks the end of the era of Adventure Games. Since The Longest Journey, no Adventure game has come close to the scope and design of this. Once you're done playing The Longest Journey, definitely try out Dreamfall for a continuation of the game story. Personally, I will always cherish The Longest Journey more than Dreamfall (there were some design choices I didn't like at all) but none-the-less they are both great games, of a great game world.