When you're a gamer,, Action Horror n FPS are takin' all the attention , But this game says,, welcome to my world!!

User Rating: 10 | The Longest Journey PC
Sometimes when u play a game, all u think about is when n how to finish it, sometimes even when it's a great game there's some borin' parts,, lot's of waitin' n some things u don't wanna see but u keep on crossin' very often,,
This game,, "The longest journey",it makes u wonder if there's a way to slow down ut thoughts so u can play more,, i'll keep on rememberin' it everytime i play another and say "what is this comparin' to TLJ??", The game that made me skip some of the most important things in life,, probably that happens when it's life itself,,
Not just mysterious, surprisin' n playable, but also funny,,listenin' to a conversation between April n another character,, u won't even dare pressin' the escape button to skip the conv,,
You silmply keep on playin', laughin' and enjoyin' one of the most beautiful Adventure games in the area,,,
I realized all that from the first 10 minutes of playin' it,, when it begons with a dream,, the way she talks to the tree n then herself,, it's not somethin' ordinary or what u see everyday,, yes it's classic,, but truly new n one of a kind,,,
It truly is a long beautiful journey,,,,

Grphics : 6
Story : 10
Sound : 10
Gameplay : 9.5