Simply the best

User Rating: 10 | The Longest Journey PC
I cannot say I've played many adventure/quest games, but this is a great one. This is a great adventure game and a great game overall. The way it just keeps you there, in front of the screen, as you take step after step to unfold the story it's amazing. I remember when i played the game, the story was simply amazing. Can't really explain why, but the story, the dragons, the "chosen one", save the world, all these fairy tale elements came together to create a story so captivating, so simple and still full of meaning, it just blew me away. This game is just as good-an-example of the "just another turn" addictiveness, where you just want to solve another puzzle, just want to advance the story a little bit more and see what happens next.
Can't say i remember much about the puzzles, the difficulty, but the story, that I'll never forget: one of the best (may simply be the best) game story I every came across.