an epic tale from start to finish;)

User Rating: 10 | The Longest Journey PC
its an unqique tale and exciting story,,

which becomes an ultimate joureney from start to finish,,

with awesome dialogs and many diff friends and enemies and companions,,

travel on many diff location including your own house other pplz houses to find clues what happened etc,,

beaitufl graphics,,many many puzzles and they are unique and very interesting,, alongside with these comes also thesamrt doalogs the char them between

--game takes some times to finish,,going from a - b consistatantly,,ofte ngoing all the way back to places u visited like a hundred times before ,,otherwise u wont finish or go further in the game (progress etc),,going back,,way back,,often includes a new puzzle u must solve and a new cutscene;D,,

as i said there are many unqie levels and areas to explore,,ofte ntakes time,,bcoz as i said the puzzles are very smart and challenging,,(can be hard),,finding all those right this and mix them etc,,( items) ,,

this is one hell of a great click and point adventure game ;D,,

often reminds me a little of the wizard of oz ( if u have seen) ,,

specially as u towards the end visist a big castle of soem sort;p,,

charlie is fun;p ,,and all the ppl u meet are interesting;p ,,

-- sound is also great,,not much to complain,,there are a few bugs in the game ofc,,but not so much to complain about;p,,

options are nice((just right)),,,,

its like a fairy-tale book this,,which it is,,some are just bizaarr imagination or utter riduculous,,other seems like the ycould have happened in real life,,,

anyway,,dream on i m ean,,play this game,,it's awesome;D,,

its like the sSims game only tons better;D,,haha;p ,,

u will find your self a treat in this game and many spectacular moments;D

,,please have fun,,i did;p;)