If you can deal with an occasional unexplained death, this is a perfect game.

User Rating: 9 | The Lion King SNES
This Sidescroller/Platformer is an interesting title, not only because of how popular it is with children AND adults, but because it is a good movie based game.

When you turn on your console, you will notice voices. Yes, VOICES. CLEAR ones, at that. They are singing the main song of the movie, "Circle Of Life", Written by Sir Elton John. After you start the game, Timon, the wisecracking Meerkat, will say "It Starts" with crystal clear, near-perfect voice acting.

The Graphics are incredible. Voice acting is phenomenal, what's not to love?

During gameplay, you will notice a difference from other Super Nintendo Platformers. Once again, voices are included. If you get hurt, Simba says "Ouch!" or something like that. If something good happens, he says "Cool!".
In Level 2, there is a part where you are required to do a double jump. If you die here, don't get discouraged as this is nearly impossible because you must time it just right.

This is really an excellent game if you can get past the occasional unexplained death (and by occasional I mean almost never) and 8 lives, plus one stage that can be pretty frustration inducing.

In closing, I recommend playing this with a Home Console Arcade Joystick Controller, preferably the "Arcade Pro Dual Compatible" joystick. It's much better than with the regular controller.