A forgettable Lego game that doesn't quite live up to previous entries in franchise.

User Rating: 6 | The LEGO Movie Videogame PS3

Lego Movie: The Videogame is an average run-of-the-mill Lego game that has some decent qualities but pale in comparison to some other entries such as Lego: Marvel Superheroes and Lego: Batman 3: Beyond Gotham just to name a few. There is still an enjoyable experience to be had here, however the lacking content and bland story hinder its potential success.

The gameplay is as expected and follows the classic Lego recipe. Nothing new in this department. You will folly through beating up bad guys until they are in pieces, find a way to get from A to B and building objects to help you progress. The gameplay can be a bit redundant and often times slow, however, there are those moments when things speed up such as the scene where the heroes are atop the train in Old West. The fast paced scenario that breaks out is captivating both visually and mechanically.

The story is straight (as the title suggests) out of the Lego: Movie. I personally did not get to see the movie but have read many good reviews on it and the research suggests that the game follows the same path, in most cases the exact path with a few spins on gameplay. You start off as Emmet, an average construction worker who is thrust into a journey to stop the evil villain Lord Business, a task that he never dreamed he would even be capable of doing. Until the day he encounters Wyldstyle, an energetic and fun ninja who notices the potential skill he possesses. Also joining the party is Vartruvius, a Gandalf look-alike who possesses a staff and other special abilities that will prove useful to the group. Out of the 3, Wyldstyle has the most character and personality compared to the other two. You will encounter new companions as well as familiar Lego faces, and each will play a pivotal role in stopping Lord Business from his evil tyrannic attempts to take over the world. The story or campaign is considerably shorter than one might have become accustomed with the Lego series, it takes about on average up to 6 hours to complete. And the levels are so-so. One minute you get a decent action packed level in a laboratory with a mass of explosive robots, the next you are redundantly following the same routines the game has already beat to death in previous missions. The climax should keep most players immersed but don't expect any original or innovative ideas or gameplay styles. The lack of content and missions only adds to the tedious factor the game throws at you. There are a few hidden and unlockable characters, but this department also sees a huge decrease compared to other titles. The simple and obvious puzzles and fetch quests that unlock most are plain as day and require very little thinking. This was the most disappointing feature in the game in my opinion.

The visuals are up to par with the current gen consoles, the various colors dancing across the screen as you build things is a cool thing to watch and can help occupy ones' mind away from the boredom. The main home world can be fun at first to explore and engage upon, until about the 5th time when you have been everywhere and realize just how small it is I comparison to the grand sized world of Lego: Marvel Superheroes. Its big enough to keep one occupied, but its still hard not to notice the sizable difference in previous Lego games. The kiddie music played here and there is predictable and there are very few different songs. Most of the time, its better to turn the volume down on the music as the club-type and disco influenced themes can be a distraction and a headache..

Also, a noteworthy mention is the bugs. Often, if playing multiplayer especially, you will become stuck and not able to move your character at all. On rare occasions, you won't be able to do anyting at all but hope you have a recent save point. But most of the time, you should be able to swap between characters and get out. Also, sometimes when swapping characters, the game has a tough time giving you the character you are seeking to swap although he/she is literally standing 2 inches away. Its a headache when you go to swap to a nearby ally and the game instead swaps you out with a character way away on another screen who was nowhere even remotely close to begin with.

In an ending note, Lego Movie: the Videogame is an average short -lived title that struggles to keep up with some earlier titles and thus leaves a boring impression on players. Die hard Lego game fans should njoy this and even some so-so fans of the series may find enough here to entertain themselves. But, take it from me, there are many WAY better and content packed Lego games available now and this one has the lowest spot on my list. An ok game that should have been much more!