User Rating: 6 | The LEGO Movie Videogame XONE

Takes voice overs from the film, which I have no issue with, and uses the stellar sound track as well.

Your typical Lego style graphics but lacks that pop that other games seem to have, That definition.

Game Play:
Similar to the visuals, It's the same Lego style game play that we all know and love. I have no complaints about it.

Follows the film faithful and uses scenes from the film as well. Large amount of characters to play from and plenty of collectibles as well, Which adds to the replay value. Missions are very straight forward and recycle the same objectives over and over again. You get sick and tired of playing it rather quickly. Pointless mini games are a pain. Vehicle controls suck. It lacks that Lego game luster that we are all use to.

Overall: 6/10
When it comes to the Lego Movie Video Game, It falls short. It lacks that charm previous Lego games have. It gets boring very quickly and it's no where near as fun as past installments either.