The same old lego game really but if your new to the lego games,Get it

User Rating: 7 | The LEGO Movie Videogame XONE

What can i say about The Lego Movie videogame? Well like every other Lego game in existence its pretty much the same as all the other Lego video games out there.Lets say your new to the Lego games and you are thinking about getting it? Well get it, this game is soo much fun from little gags to puzzle solving and for all you action junkies there is also hand to hand combat with lots of destruction (In lego pieces of course).To clear each stage you must fight and collect items to complete building different kinds of structures which help you through your quest to complete each stage. Each level can take up to 20-45 minutes to complete and it does get you thinking while playing the game, for example you may have up to 4 different characters which have different ability to cast to finish a puzzle or to get to end of the stage.The fighting in the game can get very tedious as you tap the X or square button from a overhead view.The game does look stunning with different themed levels from wooden looking Wild West to a fluffy peaceful cloud level, everything is in lego so if you are a collector of lego you will be very familiar with each piece of background and each block if that's your kinda thing.The fun doesn't stop there once you complete the game you will have the chance to run around and admire each level and some areas need different characters to access Gold blocks soo if you are one of them completest you will have your hands filled with this very big of a game.