My second favorite game for the Nes.

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda NES
Who would of known when this game came out 26 years ago that it would be a huge success and one of Nintendo's biggest icons. I'll be honest this is not one of my favorite Zelda games but for the time it had come out it was a whole new innovation on gaming. An adventure game that had temples full of puzzles to figure out nobody had really seen games like this before.

My favorite things about this game are the secrets, back then nobody knew where anything was and if you did you were good at Zelda, it was just a good feeling. Another thing I really liked was the music, you can't really expect some magical soundtrack but for eight bit Nes its very good. The bosses are really good too, there are a lot, they put a lot of thought into them, however one flaw with them is the first bosses are really hard, but once you get to the last three bosses they're pathetic, they are no challenge. I realize you are much stronger due to the fact that most people have their sword upgraded to the magical sword at this point but most of them are killed with one or two hits which just tells me they got lazy.

Now I want to talk about some of the flaws. One huge one that annoyed the crap out of me was that you can get hit multiple times draining your life in seconds, in most games when you get hit you become immune to being hit for a couple of seconds, that's the way it should be but it's not in this one. This isn't that huge of a flaw because this was actually a common thing for most Nes games, however it's quite annoying.

If you like Zelda you have to play this game not just because it was a great game but its the first one they made, it's an important part in Nintendo's history and in my opinion is just a great game. You can get this game by ordering it on Nintendo's virtual console on the Wii and on the 3DS. So if you like Zelda and have never played this one get it, you may not think this is the best game ever made for today's standards but for 1986 it was just an amazing game.