This game revolutionized gaming

User Rating: 9 | The Legend of Zelda NES
This game is very first Zelda game. Game starts with you getting sword. You have to collect all pieces of the triforce and beat Ganon. You get one piece of triforce everytime you beat a dungeon. There are 8 dungeons. First 4 dungeons were pretty easy. Bosses of 1 and 2 dungeons were a joke. 3rd boss was little tougher but not anything I couldn't beat. 4th boss was pretty hard. I lost there few times but then beat it. 5th dungeon was first dungeon that gave me challenge. Those stupid knights. I lost there like at least 10 times. At last I got to boss and it was very easy. 6th dungeon was even tougher. Those wizards were pain in the ass. This dungeon is second hardest dungeon of the game. After many tries I got to boss and it was easy. 7th and 8th dungeons were easy. I don't get it. Why did they make those dungeons easier. I finally beat all the dungeons and got to dungeon 9 where Ganon is. This dungeon was so long and easily the hardest one. I lost there over 20 times and I rage quitted at one part but came back eventually. Finally got to Ganon but I took me over 20 tries to beat him. It was pretty easy when you learned his movements.

I beat this game in 2 days. I noticed that this game was pretty addicting. I couldn't stop playing this game. Half of the dungeons were easy but other half were tough. There were only 2 enemies that were so tough. Blue knight and those wizards. There are quite a few items in this game. My personal favorite is that magic wand. There are like only 4 songs in this game but I like them. Controls are a bit clunk but they work just fine. Graphics are ok. Nes could have done better but I don't complain. I couldn't have beaten this game without
help from internet. Some secrets were in ridiculously stupid places. You have to burn some random bush to get to secret room where you get heart. Overall this game is great.

Graphics: 7
Sounds: 7
Gameplay: 9
Longevity: 10

+ big open world
+ lots of secrets
+ revolutionary
+ addicting

- no world map
- only 4 songs
- controls a bit clunky