The original Zelda is indeed a classic, but after 27 years, it's really starting to show it's age.

User Rating: 7 | The Legend of Zelda NES
Highs: Good gameplay, finding secrets are rewarding, good story, classic dungeon design, a classic.

Lows: Controls are a little slow and sluggish, very confusing, age hasn't been very nice to the original LoZ.

Verdict: An 8-bit legend, but you should remember that it's getting a little rusty after 27 years.

Can you believe it? Back in 1986, the original Legend of Zelda came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and today after 27 years, it's still being hailed as a classic and as one of the greatest games of all time, it's really starting to show it's age! Better come prepared with a game guide or Nintendo Power issue or whatever you can get your hands on because games like the original Legend of Zelda require lots of time and patience. You play as Link, as he, for the first time, must find all the pieces to the Triforce of Wisdom, and save Princess Zelda from the evil clutches of Ganondorf (What we gamers call Ganon today, by his FULL name). In LoZ, you start your adventure by going into one of those tiny wizard caves to get your sword, as you must go through 8 dungeons to get new weapons and defeat each boss. Once you get 6 heart containers in total, you get the Silver Sword (Master Sword in today's logic), and I forget the rest. The Legend of Zelda is indeed a classic, but there are problems. The game dosen't tell you where to go next, so you need a game guide or Nintendo Power issue to find out what to do next, the controls are a bit sluggish, as you do move kind of slow, and that using a D-pad can become frustrating, and well, like most NES games, it hasn't aged very well. This game may be a classic, but if a game hasn't aged well, it hasn't aged well, and after 27 years this is no exception of an aging NES game. that dosen't mean you shouldn't get this game. The original Legend of Zelda is still an NES classic and a game worth owning, but you must remember that not all NES games stand the test of time very well and this is no exception.