Despite being technically old visually and soundwise Twilight Princess is still the best Zelda game of modern time.

User Rating: 9.3 | The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess WII
The Good: The story and characters, near genius visual art design, takes great use of the Wii controller, much longer than the most games of the genre, the music and sounds is artistically marvelous as always.

The Bad: Techically the graphics are quite dated the same goes for the sound as the music is still not orcesteral as earlier promised and the game has no recorded voice-acting.

In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess you play as a boy called Link, big surprise eh? Anyways you live in this place called Ordan Village and after some fishing and good deeds you will be requested to deliver a message to the Princess of Hyrule called Zelda. But when Link is going to take his horse Epona and leave the village gets attacked by monsters and orc-like creatures, your female friend Ilia along with your horse and the other children of the village gets kidnapped and Links get knocked down and passes out. When you wake up finding everyone missing you will run without thinking into this huge area of impressive darkness called the Twilight, and as soon Link enters he turns into a wolf and yet again passes out.
Later when you wake up you find yourself caged in a cell and this odd looking female fellow called Midna staring at you. She will help you to get out if you promise to do exactly as she says, and you really have no other choice so you do. She also want you to meat a certain someone before you leave, and it may not be hard to guess but I won't spoil it for you anyway. After that's done Midna will warp you back to the forest that is still in Twilight and you later learn that you have collect tears from a spirit of light that have turned into bugs that you need to collect in order to bring the light back to the area. And the game moves on from there trying to restore all the light to all of Huryle, trying to turn back to your normal self etc. more than that I will not tell, you have to experience it all yourself. What I can tell you is that you will go trough dungeons and temples, collect keys, weapons and all that is you have in the previous games.

The gameplay despite being based on an old formula it stil works thanks to some refreshments as new kind of weapons and objects and the gameplay with the Wii controller that works surprisingly well despite the game being originally a Gamecube title and the Wii functionality was added late in the development cycle and still the melee and projectile combat and all that works like a charm and it's really a new and innovative way to play a Zelda game. It may not be a revolution as Ocarine of Time was gameplay wise back in the day but it takes that formula and evolves in greatly and makes it all feel fresh all over again.

The visuals are artistically stunning, great color scheme, design of characters and environments and all that though technically the game looks pretty dated with low polycount and low-res textures and the fact that it uses nothing of the Wii's graphical capabilities looking identical to the Gamecube version is quite a disappointment. But thankfully due to the great art it "hides" the techincal issues rather well and overall it's a great looking game.

The sound suffers about the same problem as the graphics cause artistically the sound is pure magical, all the classic tunes are there and all that but techically is a bit disappointing aswell as the music is still not orcesteral even though Nintendo earlier promised it would be this time, and the game also have no voice-acting except for Midna that speaks her own non-understandable language it still makes her feel more alive and it's a shame it weren't done for more characters in the game. Also the sound comming from the Wii remote even though it's a neat idea sometimes kinda sounds really cheap and lame and I have found no way to set that sound to the TV though it's not that big of a deal but it still annoys abit from time to time. But despite the issus the music and sound is artistically so darn good you can't help yourself to fall in love with it.

Twilight Princess is a really long game compared to other games in the genre. It will take you about 40 or even up to 70 hours to beat it and it's great all the way trough and the story and feeling you get from playing the game is so great you will wanna to play this game over, over and over again.

So to sum it all up Twilight Princess is an awesome game and fans of the series just have to play it no matter what, and fans of action/adventure fans in general should take this game into concideration aswell cause it really is that spiritual sequel to Ocarina of Time that so many fans always wanted to play and it's suitable for everybody, no matter or old or young you might be. What are you waiting for? go out and buy this game! (small salute to Greg Kasavin the greatest game reviewer of all time)