Nintendo goes back to its highly detailed roots, and like its previous installments pulls it off

User Rating: 9.5 | The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess WII
Zelda, Twilight Princess was the game to watch, it was the game that was set to be the first major wii game, and so people tuned in to what was happening to get a taste on what was to come.
As a Zelda veteran, you play the games and when you find a slightly worse one or a better one you make quite a big deal about it, despite GS's review, this is one of the series games that should be raved about, it looks good, and utilises the Wii's controls very well, while still making every use of the buttons on the Wii.

Its graphics are very well presented, and they feel a lot better if you just played Wind waker, a cartoony look, then going to what is a very dark, detailed and precise look, and world.

The sound is very well done. classical Zelda formula. The music while sounding familiar, is new, along with variations from previous games,

Its an overall very enjoyable game that shouldnt be missed by anyone with a Wii and especially if you like GOOD games,
it once again shows that even in years to come Zelda will be one of the ultimate franchises although there are some fanboys out there that think Zelda sucks because it isnt about shooting people, breaking into peoples cars or firing a needler at the flood.
Good game Nintendo, good game