One of the best Zelda game to date

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess WII

This game is a gem, indisputably one of the best RPG/Adventure game I have ever played and contrary to many's beliefs it has both a better story than Ocarina of Time and a darker environment than Majora Mask if we are being objective, however all games cited previously are excellent too.

This game despite being a game that I love a lot has a lot of things that disappoints me:

Firstly, there's something I dislike about this game particularly and that thing being furry link wolf. It is ruining the gameplay.

The wolf cannot: Buy items, use items and talk to civilians.

Midna that imp sounds like a retarded teenager hate mongering bitch. Imagine Hillary Clinton, that's who Midna is. She only thinks for herself and nobody else. The two unique things that make her "likable" is the pity you have for her after getting rekt by a psycho called Zant and the spicy hot girl nearby the end of the game. I honestly prefered navi, it was trying to be helpful.

Zant is as likable as Ghirahim, psychotic as shit to the point of being a character good for the trash. Making psychotic characters as villain won't make them good villain dear Nintendo.

In the other hand, Zant has an excellent backstory, better than Zelda's despite being the centre of attention in the franchise (Note that even Impa has a more interesting backstory than Zelda so it's not that big of an exploit).

Well, that's pretty much it with the problems. It has in the other hand too many pros to get anything else besides 10/10 notably more items than the previous Zeldas.