Excellent, a lot better than Wind Waker and the Graphics are realistic.

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess GC

When I saw the first gameplay footages of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Gamecube from E3 2005, I was amazed. This game was announced to be released in November 2005 but unfortunetly it didn't so I wait until 2006 which was a bit of a pain in the arse. When I found out it was coming out for the Wii, I was beginning to wonder what has happened to the Gamecube version. I was very frustrated about the lack of updates on the Gamecube version and it was being delayed evern further. But then finally a week later after the Wii version came out, the Gamecube version was finally released.

When I started playing the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess, I was very impressed and it was definitly the best sequel to Ocarina of Time because Link is and adult again and he had a different voice just like on the Wii version. The only problem was that the Z button on the top right screen is only for Midna and buttons Y and X are for your equipment. Your sword is equiped on the B button and the R is to shield yourself from danger. The sound, graphics, voices and gameplay are fantastic. Link in this version is left-handed just like in the past Zelda games you have the classic hold-down spin attack with your sword on ground and on horseback as well when you are charging which is cool. On the Wii version, Link is right-handed because of the new technique with the Wii remote. Overall this is a game that I have been waiting for a year and 13 months and it is worth playing.