The open seas are filled with adventures with this new tale...

User Rating: 9.6 | The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Limited Edition) GC
Out of all three 3-D Zelda's, this would be my second favorite, and for good reasons too. Although some may argue that the cell-shaded graphics cripples this game, and I heavily disagree with that. The unique cartoon look actually amplifies the awe and magical aspects of this game, although a little childish looking. Veterans need not to worry about the quality and the gameplay of this addition to the series, they are fully intact.

Lets start with the story first. Well, it has been a while since the Hero of Time saved the land of Hyrule and mysteriously left. But a tradition has started that the children of Outset island would dress like him on there 12th birthday in hopes that they will be the next hero. Well thus enters our Link of this game, a little sleepy and small, but just has powerful has his earlier protagonists.

As your birthday draws near, something strange happens. A mysterious bird appears with a girl and drops them into a nearby wood. Well, being the adventure game that it is, you have to go find her. And after trekking through the forest fighting off some new enemies you find her.

Her name is Tetra and she is a pirate who got pickup up by the Hellmarock King and dropped onto Outset Island. She quickly leaves out of the forest, leaving you to follow her. And after exiting the forest, your sister is waiting for you on a bridge. But wait! The bird swoops in a picks her up, taking her to the Forsaken Fortress! And thus starts your quest.

The first thing you may notice in this game is the size and scope of the land. There are around forty islands to visit and each one has something special. This causing problems though, because there are only around half the dungeons that were in Ocarina of Time, which can make you feel a little overwhelmed at some times.

But the sheer size of the land helps flesh out the entire experience, leaving you feel satisfied and eager to explore more even after the main quest is over. So if you are questioning buying this. Pick it up! It may be a bit easy, but it surpasses both of the earlier games in a vital amount of fields. Which makes this easily one of the best games on the Gamecube today!