Another quality entry to an amazing series

User Rating: 9.5 | The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap GBA
This gem, is another great entry to the powerhouse Zelda series by Nintendo. It takes you on an adventure through the lands of Hyrule and introduces you to many new gameplay features, the most noticeable being the ability to shrink to microscopic size in order to explore the world of the Minish. The Minish people do not show themselves to all, but only children, which is perfect for Link! The ability to shrink and work with mind bending puzzles allows us gamers to view the beautiful world of Hyrule in two different perspectives. The game is time consuming, however it is extremely worth the gameplay put into it in order to get to your goal and finish the adventure. I Definitely Recommend this entry to the TLOZ series.

This game is argued to be the greatest GBA game out there. Which is saying a lot considering the GBA was such a great handheld gaming system. I recently purchased a gameboy micro to play all the classics once again and this game was at the top of my list. So, the question remains, is it the best?