What a great Zelda game !

User Rating: 9.5 | The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap GBA
I finished Minish cap , i tried hard 3 days even if i don't know english so good so it was hard on some puzzles .
Of course , i didn't played 3 day's continuously :P

The story is very nice , you always have to do something in the game , even if you are stuck on some puzzles you can talk with people , go on shops , explore the world .
The writing is also impressive , it really drags in the video game ...

Responsive controls , lots of features , items , great combat .
I really cant say anything bad about the controls .
But one thing bothered me , some puzzles give no clue ...
Not all puzzles are as obvious as people say , i really don't like spending 2 hours wandering what to do , killing all the things , blowing up all the rocks just to find something .
Some of the puzzles (a few of them) should be more obvious .
Otherwise it will frustrate a new player , like it did to me.

Graphics : Hyrule is just wonderful , you have so many things to explore , everything is detailed and the developers didn't put stuff that was unnecessary . Everything is at it's place .

Sound : The sound is great too , that includes music and other sound effects , well it's a Zelda game what did you expect ?

The game length was ok , could be longer but it's good anyway .

You should really try this game , you should have no real reasons not too .