Flagship's latest entry to the Zelda saga turns out to be much better than the Oracle games that preceded it!

User Rating: 9 | The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap GBA
The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap is another game developed by Flagship (Capcom), who also created the Oracle games, but this game is much better, although I do love the Oracle games. The thing that they did right with this game was getting to the dungeons, in the Oracle games, it was too hard for any kid to figure out what to do, so that's kind of a little bit of a tedious task, but The Minish Cap is great!

The story isn't too bad, but it's not the best. I like how it has a central feature on the Minish, or Picari, whatever you want to call them. After Vaati destroys the Picari Sword, and traps Zelda into stone, Link must repair the Picari Sword and defeat Vaati. It's a pretty fun read, you will have a few laughs here and there.

Now, the thing that is much better in The Minish Cap than the Oracle games, is the gameplay. The enemies can't kill you so easily, while they still give you a good challenge, and the puzzles are still really hard. This has got to be the most addicting game on the GBA, other than Golden Sun. The Minish Cap isn't the longest game out there, but it will definitely take you 12+ hours to finish the story, or even around 25+ hours to collect everything else.

I really like the graphics on this game, they are great, but when I think of Golden Sun, it can't compare, haha. It looks like a 2D world of The Wind Waker, and that game looked absolutely beautiful.
The sound is pretty good, but with some tunes that I don't really care for, there are some ones that are really epic, and keep you motivated during the gameplay.

This is a really long game if you want to collect everything, there are plenty of side-quests to keep you occupied. I really can't go into that great of detail, but I can say that this is a long game.

This game has high replay value. Just the sense of figuring out those confusing puzzles, and going back to beat them without any problem feels very satisfying to say the least. If games like Pokemon Red can keep me coming for more, then this game definitely keeps me coming back for more.

+Superb storyline
+Highly addictive gameplay
+Great soundtrack

-Frustrating parts

Story : 8.7
Gameplay : 9.8
Graphics : 9.2
Sound : 9.1
Lifetime : 9.7
Replay Value : 9.5
Overall : 9.2