Serious mixed feelings, but overall an alright game.

User Rating: 8 | The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword WII
I base all games I play on five primary features:
1. Story / game ideas
2. Controls
3. Difficulty
4. length/re-playability
5. graphics

1. The story of the Skyward sword seems to predate OoT and most other games. It seems standard formula. Link, little known guy, has to save Zelda, and needless to say the world, from some villain who's goal seems to be power. yeah fleshed out as Nintendo always makes its games. Well link must now go on a quest to gather some items to unlock something else then a few more temples to get true strength and then save the world. I admit it has some touching moments but it is overall full of the usual lack of detail.
No legend of Zelda game is complete without your sidekick. Sometimes they are creating the impulse to crush them, the "Hey look listen," effect. Others just seem awesome, Minda nuff said. This time you have some form of blue ghost that is the spirit of your sword and will pop out at various points. I find her helpful sometimes such as when you need a quick reminder or just want to hear about an enemies bio (kill count is cool as well), but she has two major drawbacks. One is if your wiimote's battery starts to die she starts to get your attention in a very irritating sound that drains your battery faster. Second her random appearances has no effect on anyone, except the Kikiwis. Seriously, if I saw a blue ghost come out of some guys sword for no reason, I would probably panic a little. It is just not normal. but somehow the people just except it as a fact.
On the plus side they introduced some new species, some mole like scavenger people, a seahorse breed or something, some robots, and some penguin plant cross breed called Kikiwis. Personally i would love to see the moles make returns in later games and the robots can stay around, but for the love of god just keep the Zora village instead of these seahorses they just are so pathetic, their applications are for water only and you have to actually be forced find some, and besides the Zoras are all around kind of awesome. and the Kikiwis, yeah i just forget they exist half the time.
My pet peeve is that there is only one city. I see gorons here and there but they never seem to be there for a set reason, well at least one of them, or even have a home. The moles just seem to be scavengers and do not need a home. The robots had gone extinct thousands of years ago so all that remains is their ruins, you seem glimpses of their civilization, but just not enough, and the Kikiwis are mindless. So, yes, the only seemingly intelligent people with any power to construct anything is in fact seahorses, and even they have to use a dragon. Not only does this limit your ability to resupply on the go and makes skytown a monopoly for anything you want to buy, but it also really eliminates a very cool factor I love. The villages always reflected the people. The gorons were able to make a home out of rock and was always spartan in nature. Zora's water domain was always decorated with load of bright colors. Various human cities reflected what the citizens were like. but now we have none so the various human-ish species just seem to live where ever.
Also i enjoy some of the new weapons well find others disappointing and others just a watered down versions of older weapons. The newest weapons i did enjoy was the beetle. It had qualities of old weapons i know, but this one just felt better to me. I enjoyed watching countless enemies flee from such a harmless little thing, or just dropping bombs. that was real fun. The whip just seemed to be a watered down grappling hook from Wind Waker. It has limited use after its temple other than robbing enemies of some crafting materials (mind you this is limited in use as well) and poorly made bad Indiana Jones jokes (and even these are shot after the sparkling ding robs it of its iconic crack). And my least favorite new item was the gust jar. It blows, literally, that is all it does. It does not become a vacuum, it does not have a lot of power and raises typhoon winds, and its uses are just so limited it feels like they had to force it in rather than make it of actual use. The only thing it affects is DUST, and maybe 2 enemy types tops.
Some old items made it back, the bow, sling shot, and bombs. Each had some ups and downs. The bow is a overall up but had a major draw back... look down at controls. But the resupplying of arrows, and the buying not earning of new quivals, is really hard, you have to either buy them for high prices get shot at or find a very dumb archer to find them in large numbers. But i am a major sniper so the zoom feature overrides most of these flaws. Bombs have a new idea that the bomb plants are now your restocking point and the rolling of them is very cool. The slingshot is a slingshot, nothing new to note.
The last idea I did enjoy, and hate, was crafting. you are able to increase the power or ability of items you own by finding materials across the lands. What i enjoy, the idea, always making what you have better than before is good, but the draw back finding the raw material. some are simple. those amber pellets just litter the ground, but some are just plain evil to get. Feathers require time skill and patience. Somethings that not a lot of gamers are known for. So crafting in theory is good just needed better execution. That does it for my story / ideas

2. Controls: I am very unimpressed overall at the controls of the game. The sword skills seem more gimmicky than I was hoping. Although the motions themselves are very well put together, they just seem to fall flat. I use quick draws kills so often because the enemies, for some unknown flawed reason, have no defense against this move. On top of this it becomes very quick slashing motions very quickly. Next on the sword hate list, is the lack of learn-able moves. really the sword is so limited your attacks can be counted on two hands: stab, vertical slash, horizontal slash, diagonal left, diagonal right, spin up, spin round, finish, and shield bash. The upside your sword beam thing no longer needs full hearts to use, downside it requires time to charge and has a very limited range.
The next issue i have is with the targeting system. I can no longer do the classic bow target i now have to trace incoming enemies stop moving and then shoot a well placed arrow. To be honest it is kind of annoying. I use to pick bats out of the air with a bow and now i have to use a sword (again just swing it a few times they all die) it just does not fit as well. Also the harp, your instrument for this game, is just hard to use. I can never seem to get the timing down at all. so I just wing it. Also it is just there, you use it for timing a total of 6 or 7 times tops, the rest you can just strum back and forth randomly for the effect.
The controls for the game are not necessarily broken or even bad, just a little repetitive and pointless at times.

3. There was exactly one point i got stuck in this entire game. So i ran to sky town and talked to a rock. Yes, the boingo rocks from old games are back, and still have limited use. This one will give you a sequence of visions that tell you what has to be done, but like i said i used him once. and my brother and i were in agreement. you would either have sat there for an hour trying various ideas and stumbled upon it by accident or just talked to the rock. It is so dumb I will let you decide what to do. none the less the game itself is not really that hard. it just seem simple. all the rooms are one of three options. A central room with a locked door and an unlocked door, a hallway with two doors, or a one way in one way out battle room. Standard Nintendo stuff, but that is not what makes it easy. It is the puzzles. They hardly seem challenging, before i had to look up how to take care of this puzzle or how to beat this boss but this time I sat down and said, there is the trigger, or, hey look another one option area. so yeah nothing really hard about the game.

4. Length/replayability: I will admit i have not beat the game yet but I am now near the final boss battle and to be honest I do not think even small unlocked features would keep me around. The issue is it really is not customizable to any real extent. it gives the illusion of dialog options, but it really doesn't effect much, it only sets up the next screen, maybe two if you are lucky, before returning to standard needed dialog. but it just does not have a repayable story. Also the lack of mini-games is a downer. I have counted 2 so far, the mole game on the mountain and then the Fun-Fun-Island game. I haven't played either for the sole fact that I do not care. they don't seem promise anything much more useful than rupees and i already have some serious cash coming in from other sources. so It is a one play through game. maybe i will pick it up every now and again to have fun. I believe i could make an abridged series out off it for better use.

5. Graphics: to be honest, not impressed. I was hopping for Nintendo to step up to the plate, after the graphics of the Meteoroid prime and the Twilight Princes games (and to an extent Meteoroid M) I was hoping they were taking these games to target an older audience who would want a more realistic looking game, nope wrong again. they failed to really set what they wanted it to look like. I enjoyed TP's realistic graphics. then there was WW. i enjoyed this two because the entire target was to make it cartoon-ish, from the explosions to the ocean, to the monsters. but SS just fails to really set a point as to why they made the choice. It is not the cute chibi link nor is it the serious realistic link. If anything i have a creepy feeling he will open his mouth and just state, "Well excuuuuuussssseee meeee Princess" at any moment and this creeps me out.

Conclusion: 8.0, the story is the same old same old with nothing really wrong with it, the innovations have ups and downs, the controls work fine but just may upset older Legend of Zelda fans, difficulty is far sub par than I am use to, it is also a little shorter and has less distractions than I would like, but what really makes me dislike the game is the graphics. Well that's all for now. Where would I rank this. not really well actually, It fails to have much charm and for the amount of time we waited and hype it got it just did not live up to the whole idea. It never really had anything stand out about it. It will be forgotten almost as fast as the Minish cap. The reason for the 8 is that it is in fact good enough to play. but Do not hope it will aleviate a hole in your life, it just can't hold up.