Skyward Sword - The worst game I've ever played

User Rating: 1 | The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (25th Anniversary) WII

Now I don't know how anyone could defend this game when it comes to rating it. For me I waltz through this game without a thought or care being put into it. So much so I did boredom quit, which I had never done since becoming a tax slave. I did go back to it as a friend said it can't be as bad as you remember it. I completed the story and haven't picked it up since.

The controls are frustraing. I think the developers knew this and must have made the game stupidly easy to compensate for it. Using motion plus on the controller was not a good idea. If they used the same controls as Twilight Princess, there wouldn't have been a complaint from me.

The story was uninteresting, and left me wanting to do something else than pay attention to this games narative. All I remember from this is, it was a "to please the fanbase" game. A game that wanted to explain rather than be good. A game that took money out of our pockets and left us feeling "That was it?"

I know that this will be overlooked as "he's clearly a Zelda hater" or "he hasn't played any of the other games". I admit I haven't played all of them. However, considering people slate Phantom Hour Glass and Spirit Tracks, I'll happily pick that up and play it over this. Nintendo could have just put this into a little note pad and sold it for the price of the game, even if the story couldn't fill an A4 piece of paper. Overall, if you see this game, don't pick it up.

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