Great game with great humour and story ruined by motion controls

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword WII

This game despite having the best graphical quality you can ever find on the WII, a cool story and a great ost suffers from the motion controls.

That's the unique problem with this game if we exclude the fact that this ugly psycho of ghirahim is in this game.

Your new mount replaces Epona, it was getting a shore to have the same boring horse every game.

The game also has new dungeons with kinda interesting puzzles and some challenge, but it's not that different compared to twilight princess.

The game has a couple of funny jokes/gags, whichn I'm fine with and unlike sonic boom it's not forced as heck.

In the end, the game is still let's say a masterpiece despite the motion controls.