Years later I got to play this and LOVED IT!

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword WII
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My brother passed this game years ago when it got out (I remember him playing it and passing it) so now it was my turn! I love Link, can't stop saying that hehe (yes, girls love Link so what? I love him LOL). Anyway, I enjoyed the orchestra here (love classical music, depends the composer obviously) and the cinematic events here also were wonderful! The story/arc was marvelous too (love to read, hate skipping stuffs as MANY players do and I know a few but I do respect them, hope they respect my choice too hehe). Also I enjoyed every battle of it too (and weapons to choose). Somehow that ending (well part of) remind me of why Hyrule Warriors was made later (is so Dynasty there ha!). So yes, to end this short review I give it 10/10 to this precious game and hope more Legend of Zelda *cough LINK cough* comes out! (even if you don't use Zelda but only on Smash games or Hyrule Warriors, hope I'm wrong but I guess not). Enjoy and have a cool week (October 2014 is going fast!).