Favorite Dungeon in Skyward Sword

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What is your favorite dungeon in Skyward Sword?

For me it was definitely the Ancient Cistern.  I appreciated the fact that it was original in that it was different from all the other water temples of the past Zelda games.  I also liked the recurrent theme with the giant statue, the cursed bokoblns, and even the possessed automaton boss of the dungeon.

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My favorite dungeon is Skyview Temple.The boss is fun and opening the door to the boss is easy!

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and even the possessed automaton boss of the dungeon.vguy555
That's probably the most fun boss battle ever. Of all time. Especially phase 2. (One time I came out of it with1 heart left :D )

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The Ancient Cistern is not only the best dungeon in the game, but definitely in Zelda history!

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I completely agree about the Ancient Cistern. I love the contrast with the pure, sort of Buddhisty top layer with the polluted lower floors. The boss was mad and probably the best one in the game - took me much longer to defeat than the final boss! The whip is also my favourite weapon. I think this temple definitely wins!

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Definitely the Ancient Cistern, it just has so much depth and meaning to it. Has anyone else read the article on zeldadungeon.net about this dungeon? It's based on Japanese a short story. I thought that was pretty interesting.
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Definatley the Ancient Cistern. For ONCE a water themed dungeon isn't so frustrating like the Water Temple, Lakebed Temple, or Great Bay Temple. It was very enjoyable and the design was just amazing. Plus Koloktos was a very cool and fun boss to fight.

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My favorite dungeon is the Ancient Cistern. Loved everything about it. Especially the boss fight.
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No question in my mind. Easily the Sandship. Don't get me wrong, I loved EVERY SINGLE one of the Dungeons in Skyward Sword, but Sandship was by far and a way the best. I really enjoyed it. I really liked the setting as it seemed to be a unique one. Also the backstory to the whole place was cool. Plus it was a very beautiful place in the past setting.