fun,good storyline, perfect gameplay

User Rating: 9.5 | Zelda no Densetsu: Mugen no Sunadokei DS
zelda phantom hourglass is my favourite zelda game out of the series it's storyline is fabulous.

this game is one of my favourite games for the nintendo DS its a very long game which took me a year to complete. it's graphics are amazing for the nintendo DS console. its controls are by stylus to which makes its gameplay funner. i was gonna get zelda spirit tracks cause i thought it would be better than phantom hourglass. but was wrong because zelda phantom hourglass is definitely better now that i've played them both.

the sound is amazing the music is really well-fitted for the game, the music is also kind of soothing and in some towns it's loud and funny and happy music but in some places like caves it is scary and mysterious music.

the multiplayer of this game is alright but not nearly as fun as single player, the multiplayer is like sought of a puzzle game instead of action and adventure like single player.

the game play is very good you can earn gems which is money, and with this money you can buy shields,potions and some treasures. the other thing that makes this game way better is that you can get a boat in it and you can do it up in shops and stuff.

characters. the characters looks aren't very good but are alright for a DS. you have friends in this game that you meet that are LINEBECK,a faerie person and a girl called TETRA.

this game is very fun and enjoyable to play. and is my favourite game on the DS console.