Standing the Test of TIme

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS
Ah to think its been 13 years since my original romp through Hyrule in the third person and 3D perspective, times change but greatness never fades. Does one of the most heralded games hold true even after all these years? Well the answer is a resounding yes. Essentially at its core this is the same game as it was in the past, but OOT 3D is more of an enhancement than anything, but truth be told OOT has greatly benefited from the slight face-lift its received. The Original is my favorite game ever, so I'm finding it a bit hard to correctly put into words how much it means to me and how to convey that to you as the reader. But ill do my best for the time being so i hope this review is helpful to those interested in the game.



As Link you are summoned by the deku tree in order to fulfill your destiny and become the savior of Hyrule. The story unfolds very well and each event you do to further achieve your goals feels very rewarding. The pacing of the story is also well done since you never feel like there are long droughts of major events, that is unless you are doing side-missions and the like. Over the course of the game you will meet many interesting and compelling characters who either need your help or can help you in return. While the story isn't Shakespeare by any means it is still very compelling and will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what will befall this world if link cannot succeed.



The tried and true zelda gameplay returns and this is it at its best. The meat of the gameplay revolves around exploration and puzzle solving. Combat is also front and center with the famous lock on targeting system this game is known for. The majority of the time you will be heading back and fourth through the overworld to many locations to further your goals. Along your journey you will gain many new items and upgrades that will help you in your quest. They all function and work exceptionally well, one of the new aspects is the new interface for item storage. The touch screen makes selecting and equipping items effortless and much smoother than past iterations of the game. You can directly hold 4 items and change them on the fly, and the ocarina even has its own item slot for fast access. One of the other new features is gyro control for aiming weapons and camera controls. They work really well too and offer up a much more precise degree of control, although they are not without fault, one thing i noticed was that while using it you kind of fall out of the 3DS's sweet spot for 3D. While not a huge issue it is one thing to be mindful of, but in no way does this hamper down the experience. The game will give you direction but it doesnt hold your hand the entire way through, you are free to go where you want to and complete what you please, within whats available at that point in time during the story that is. Another new addition are the visions seen by using the shiekah stones which work similarly to the super guide implemented in recent nintendo games. These visions will show you a small video of what your next move should be, a definite positive for those new to zelda and less advanced players. Overall the gameplay holds up very well today, navigating around the world is still very smooth and easy to do, and combat and item use works just as well as it did when it was first released. The masterquest version of the game is included in this package but its only available once you have beaten the original game, which is a bit of a bummer but at least it is included. The masterquest features re arranged dungeons with new monsters and different layouts. With link taking double damage and tougher enemies to fight this is definitely the version for zelda fans to test their metal on.



Not much has changed here, well literally its the same in every aspect. Although when you think about it though is it really a bad thing? Ocarina of times original score is still very breathtaking and fits every area perfectly, from melodic ambiance to thundering battle themes each one is memorable and atmospheric. Sound effects also remain unchanged, sword swipes still have that familiar clang and re deads still retain their frightening scream. Yea its basically cut and paste from the previous versions but in my opinion it still works well and changing it was a slippery slope between something that might be good and something we know is already good, so i think they made the right decision.



The most impressive part by far has to be the presentation of this game. Sure its the same old Ocarina of time we know and love down to the core, but its new additions only further the enjoyment of the game. First and foremost the graphics have gotten a major upgrade, characters have new models and much more detail (especially link). Textures have been totally redone and now are much crisper and a huge change from what they were originally like. Now one might think this would totally change the experience from how it used to be, but i can safely say that the game retains its original feel completely and now through these upgrades the atmosphere and feeling is greatly increased. With a new coat of paint and many new updates the game has never looked better. The characters now match their character artwork perfectly and exude a more vibrant feel than they did in the past. Dark areas are still gloomy and have that era of mystery about them, while towns feel cozy and comforting with little touches like light beaming out from them at night. The 3D also adds a layer of depth to the whole experience. Items link obtains now pop right out of the screen and rotate as they hover above it, and areas have a sense of depth like never before. The new graphical power and many other new additions are by far the most notable addition to the game, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise since when youve played this game as much as I have you definitely notice eve minor changes.


Closing Comments

All in all its still a fantastic game, and a must have for any 3DS owner waiting for something great. Its by far the most in depth handheld zelda experience to date, and anyone from newcomers to seasoned veterans will enjoy this version of the game as it is In my opinion the most definitive version yet. I give it my highest recommendation.



+Great new graphical detail
+Gyroscopic Aiming
+Excellent story and pacing
+Fantastic Musical Score


-Aiming causes the 3D sweet spot to miss align
-No Soundtrack Update