Classic 3defined. Nostalgia not included.

User Rating: 8 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS

Frankly speaking, I only have about 3 Legend of Zelda games in my list. And I missed out on the original Ocarina of Time. So allow me to review this game in the eyes of a newcomer to, what most gamers hyped and claimed , a good old classic game. And here's what I've to say.

It's a good old classic game.

Not that I knew about the original game in the first place but let's just say that I knew it's classic. And it definitely lives up to the title. It's a testament that how a game as old as this still manage to bring the unadulterated fun in gaming.

It is not something that would really get me nut-crazy about the game but the simple joy of having to play an adventure game of this kind is simply real fun. And real simple fun.

Ocarina of Time 3d takes what we love in hack n' slash, puzzles, treasure hunting and puts it together in this one neat little package. Perhaps the strongest aspect of the game are its puzzles. From dungeons to boss fights, everything is puzzle-oriented and awaits to be resolve. Boss fights are fairly easy but the real challenge is figuring out what equipments to use and what weakspots to attack.

Aside from combat, adventuring is fun in Hyrule. As more items to obtained the more places to go or reach to. More items and upgrades to obtain. The land of Hyrule is basically a treasure mine waiting to be explored. Mini-games and sidequests are exactly what I like them to be - fun.

The story is not that impressive but the simplicity of it makes it all the more charming. And there are these little stuffs that digs straight to the heart(my heart that is). Like Link's relation to everyone he meets - especially Sairi. Sounds are quite catchy and I liked Malon's melody where she first sang it in the castle.

If Ocarina of Time 3D where to be judged on its port for the 3ds alone, then I would say that the dual screen function of the 3DS fits Ocarina Of Time perfectly well in this platform. Problems like constantly swapping items on the face buttons becomes minor with just a touch of the lower screen. The whole 3d gimmick thing is another issue. But whether if you prefer to turn it on or off, the game is still visually pleasing.

But it's not all about fun and charm as there are some minor problems to be tackled. First-off is the camera. While it takes only a minute to get used to, it could've been better. And sometimes, the camera changes to a partially/wholly fixed angle which is annoying sometimes. The lock-on system, while useful for auto-aiming, could've been better too.

So there, I pretty said much what I wanted. I'd give it a 9 but I'm trying to hold it back to 8. There's something that I just can't quite put my fingers to. Still, it's a great classic.