One of the best Zelda games ever created. One of the best games ever created, period.

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64
:Good Idea:
·This is the first 3D Legend of Zelda released and is actually concidered the best Legend of Zelda games ever created. And you can tell why after a few hours of playing.
·The story is amazing. The cinematic elements play out so well, from the camera being a fairy and trying to fly through the town to find Link, to the first time you run into Ganon. It all plays out like a highly detailed movie. This isn't a cheesy Hollywood B-movie either. It's very well written.
·The combat system is flawless. Hold down a trigger for excellent camera viewing, attack and get precise hits on the evildoer fish and deku plants.
·The game is massive. It's one of the biggest games on the Nintendo 64 and probably pushed the basic cart over the edge.
·Going fishing after a long dungeon. Classic.

:Bad Idea:
·Really, I can't think of anything terrible about this game. I guess, if you poked me with a stick in the face, I could say that the underwater level was kinda boring, but it really wasn't boring. It was the boring level to me. Whatever. This game is perfect.

·One of the very best games ever made. This is definitely what future Zelda games should be shooting to beat, but more than likely, never will. You will end up feeling like you've accomplished something after you beat this game. Great job, Nintendo.