Nintendo's forgotten master piece, is truly amazing and is equally as admirable as the ocarina of time

User Rating: 10 | Zelda no Densetsu: Majora no Kamen (w/Memory Pack) N64
At the end of the Nintendo 64's life span, a couple of titles spat out, Paper Mario, Kirby and Banjo Tooie being the major ones. but there was one that was left much less appreciated, so much so that i believe it was given lower scores because the reaction wasn't like OoT's.

Majora's mask was the Zelda game that once and for all sealed my fate as a hardcore Zelda gamer. The graphics, the sound and most importantly game play and storyline are amazing, even though it doesnt stand up much to games like Halo 3 graphically wise, is a game, that is respected by many more than Microsoft fanboys.

The game revolves around Mask's, it is also that way that the Majora's mask is stolen, not from a Voodoo store but from a Mask Merchant.
The multitude of masks available include giving you the ability to turn into a Zora, a Goron and a Deku person among others some of which are very wacky.

Of Course like every other game there is a world, Majora's ,mask is set in Termina, a vast world centering round a castle town. I believe it is to date one of Zelda's most un explored worlds and a Nintendo Secret, in the future i think they will shock us with another Termina game, but for now it will stay as a trump card.

While i have not necessarily explained the game in high detail i think that Majora's mask is a game you should play, rather that listen about. Find it where ever you can and play it because a game of this calibur is more than just good, its perfect