I'm not a huge fan of the Zelda series, but this was a pretty solid action RPG that provided hours of fun on my Gameboy.

User Rating: 8 | Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Miru Shima GB
Link's Awakening plays like many of its predecessors more specifically SNES' "A Link To The Past". So much so, I consider it "A Link To The Past lite". This came out before the good ole days of FAQs, so having to figure out where to go or what to do next on the game was very frustrating for me. I also didn't like having to give Chomp Chomp back after finding it...having it felt like having a second party member which was very cool. The thing I loved the most about this game though, is actually successfully stealing a shovel (which is the most expensive thing to buy at the beginning of the game) and not only being confronted and OWNED by the shop owner when re-entering (via a large lightning strike), but to be renamed "THEIF" for the remainder of the game! The crazy part about this is, once you steal an item from the shop, it doesn't matter at what point of the game you come back (hell it can be darn near the end of the game), the shop owner will kill you...inspite of equipment and vitals! If you want to steal something and not have your name changed, you had better steal something that's worth never coming back to the shop. What I never understood was, if there's some guy on the island that's stronger than Link, no matter what, why doesn't he simply pursue the game's foe(s)?! And why the hell is he a mere shopkeeper?!

My Breakdown:

What's Good:

- Solid RPG experience
- Fun to play (until you get stuck)
- Never became redundant
- Being able actually steal something from the shop
- Getting owned by the shopkeeper never gets old

What's Not-So-Good:

- I'm not a fan of silent protagonists

- Having your name permanently changed after having some innocent mischevious fun!

- Getting stuck on the game. Not knowing what to do or where to go next always sucks!

What's Bad:

- The story is absoultely lame and nonscencial. Especially the ending!

In all, I doubt anyone plays Zelda for its amazing story (much like Mario) so the stupid plot won't ruin the experience. I just feel that this game may require you to be a fan of the series to fully appreciate it. Link's Awakening is a good game but the Zelda series just isn't necessarily my cup of tea.