A superb Zelda classic!

User Rating: 9.5 | Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Miru Shima DX GBC

This game is super old! First released in the early 90's on the classic Game boy that took 4 batteries to power it! Years later in 1999 it received a colorful makeover on the new and improved Game boy Color! It was then called: The Legend Of Zelda Links Awakening DX! This game is a direct sequel to the best seller: Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past! Well... here goes my review!

The storyline start off with link being caught in a terrible storm on his little raft. He was then struck by a bolt of lightening! He then washes up on a mysterious island called Kohalite Island that has a giant mountain with a humongous egg sitting on it. This is the Island that you wake up on. Your quest begins of course by trying to find a way off the island but that will not be easy! In the giant egg sleeps the Windfish. The only way to get off the island is if you wake the Windfish from his deep sleep. You will meet a familiar Owl that you should know by now and he will tell you that the only way to leave the island is if you wake the Windfish and that will involve you collecting 8 magical music instruments. Well good luck dungeon crawling!

Gameplay: Just like Oracle Of The Ages and Seasons! You are pretty much doing the same thing but a little different. This time you are trying to wake up someone in an egg!

Dungeons: Love them! This is why I am a definite fan of the Game boy Zelda series! Because of the dungeons!!!!!

Graphics: Colorful. Not 42-bit but still classic and they were the best during their time.

Value: You should know that Zelda games like this always have value! This game is sacred to me. Because it is a rare and hard to find game especially the DX version! The DX version can not only play on a Game boy Color, Game boy Advance or SP but it can play on a GAMEBOY POCKET! It also has a Game boy Printer function but if you have not noticed the Game boy Camera flopped tragically.......

Tilt: Overall this Zelda title is a must pick up for any Zelda fan or classic RPG gamer. It deserves a spot right next your Game boy Player because that makes the game twice as FUN!!!! I recommend this game to anyone who has not played it! It's an instant classic all the way!!!!