The best Zelda Game on any Handheld and one of the best Game Boy games ever made.

User Rating: 10 | Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Miru Shima GB
Zelda:Link's Awakening is the best Zelda Game you can defentily get on any Nintendo Handheld.So much was crammed into a little Game Boy cartridge and in the end.This game very well pays off indeed.The story of this game is that Link was sailing on his Boat when a storm comes by.His boat then crashes and he left on Koholint Island.So now Link must find a way to get back to his homeland of Hyrule as well.The gameplay is topdown just like anyother Zelda game you would find on some of the Home Consoles.It plays just like Zelda 1 and Link to the Past as well.Once in awhile we also get 2D sections as well.Which also gives intrest to people who played Zelda 2 as well.We get the great overworld gameplay and it works very well Game Boy as it did back on the NES and Super Nintendo.Link also has brand new abillties.Like he is now able to jump from certin places and if you hold down the A Button long enough Link will be able to do a Spin Attack with his Sword or he can do a very Powerful Sword shot.You also get the dungeons in this game as well.Of course they start off easy and get hard like in any other Zelda game but it's still really fun and challenging.A new feature in this game is to steal items in a shop.Just in incase you don't want to spend your rupees.Link can just pick up an item and run.However if you come back in the shop the storeowner will kill you and it's Game Over.Some of the character's in this game also say weird things.Like they teach you how to save and how to use the controlls very informative and funny as well.Also the music is awesome from the Zelda Overworld Theme to being in the caves.The music is the best on any Game Boy cartridge.Overall Link's Awakening is a Perfect Game for anybody who loves Zelda or if you want a Game Boy to keep you busy.You should defentily go now and buy this game.