I really enjoyed this game.

User Rating: 9 | Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Miru Shima DX GBC
This is 4th zelda game I have beaten. I used guide a lot while playing this game. Couldn't have beaten this game without it. That trading event would have taken forever without guide. There are 8 dungeons in this game. First 3 dungeons were no problem but rest of the dungeons, I had to use guide. What I really found disappointing was very easy bosses. 8th dungeon boss was so easy. Even a 1-year old could beat it. Only boss that gave me challenge was the final boss. They really made a great job making this game. Graphics are good for gameboy. Overworld is very big and there are lots of things to do. Music is awesome I especially like overworld theme. One of the best in zelda series. Controls work perfectly but I hated when you had to constantly change items in inventory. They could have made more buttons for gameboy. 2 buttons isn't enough.

graphics: 8
sounds: 9.5
gameplay: 9
longevity: 9

+ awesome music
+ unique
+ big world
+ dungeons

- too easy bosses
- item changing

If the bosses were harder and there were more buttons on gameboy then this game could have been as good or even better than a link to the past.