Same great game in color! WOW!

User Rating: 9 | Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Miru Shima DX GBC
To start off, the review I did for the original game is based off of this version. I am going to copy and paste most of what I wrote for the original title.

Zelda: Link's Awakening is a different kind of Zelda.
First of all it doesn't take place in the usual Hyrule. Second, the namesake of the game doesn't appear in the game at all (even though Marin looks like Zelda). There are a ton of Mario characters in the game Tarin looks like Mario, there is a Luigi look-alike on Tal-Tal Mountain. Princess peach has a cameo in a photograph and there are Mario enemies galore in this fourth title in the Zelda series. Shy-Guys, Piranha plants, Goombah's and a lot more Mario enemies crawl about dungeons.
They added in some side scrolling to hearken back to Zelda II along with some platforming elements using the Roc's Feather to help you jump around.
Collecting the instruments was a fresh thing to do, a lot better than the usual crystals or tri-force pieces.
All in all, this game is really different but in a really great way. I especially liked how they added in some cut-scenes, something that you really didn't even see in Zelda: A Link to the Past.
The true difference between the original title and this one is the color added in, which is really nice. Plus it has the color dungeon. This dungeon allows you to get a new colored tunic. The red tunic makes your attacks more powerful while the blue gives you awesome defense. I recommend the blue.
The game looks great with the color makeover. If you can just start with this version only I'd recommend it.

BEST MOMENT: Getting the ultimate weapon in the game. The Boomerang?!! Yeah, strongest weapon in the game and I think that's awesome! Also the blue tunic was a really fun thing to get, making the game a lot easier with the permanent defense boost.

WORST MOMENT: The Final boss was a little too easy. Usually I wouldn't complain about that but he was a lot easier than some of the mini-bosses that I fought earlier in the game. It was just like, meh... ok.

FINAL JUDGEMENT: This is definitely one of the best games in the 2-D world of Zelda. I like this one a lot better than A Link to the Past. It just flowed better and had some pleasant cut-scenes. It is just a really great game and I fully recommend it.