A free Zelda game is something not to be missed even if it is a little short.

User Rating: 8 | The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition DS
This is basically The Legend of Zelda the 4 Swords game which appeared alongside A Link to the Past port on the GBA.


Well the Wind Mage Vaati has kidnapped Zelda and its up to the Link or Links in his game to collect all 3 keys to face down Vaati in a battle in his palace.


Basically it can be played either with friends or alone playing with firends helps because you sometimes have to switch sometimes whereas your with a friend you can always communicate with them. The game only supports Wireless play not online co- op which would have be unbelieveable to have.

You travel to 3 areas and 2 sections and a boss in each before your confrontation with Vaati. The goal is to collect as many Rupees as possible. It makes it competitive plus if you die you can be revived by a certain amount.

In most 2D over the top Zelda games one button has your sword and the other a certain item but you can't stock these items sadly. You use them to get to certain areas and complete the level.


No real difference betwen this or the Minish Cap or the previous 4 Swords games in terms of visuals.


This game can be done possibly within a couple of hours which is a shame because it is quiet fun.

Overall Opinion

It certainly not the best Zelda ever and it doesn't really do to much different and its quiet short but its free and if you are new and want to get the feel of how the series plays then its certainly worth a look. Anyway its free so your not really losing out.

Overall Opinion 8.0